Bonnie and Clyde Festival

Gibsland, LA, USA

Bonnie and Clyde Festival

Words by Nelson Taylor

After a two-year crime spree that left twelve people dead, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow etched a place in history for themselves as America's most notorious criminal couple. Their run from the law ended on May 23, 1934, on Ringgold Road, eight miles from the rural parish of Louisiana known as Gibsland. Having stopped to help a farmer with a flat tire, Bonnie and Clyde were mowed down in their car by a whirlwind of bullets spraying from a copse of trees at the side of the road. This historic scene was further burned into the American psyche in 1967 when Arthur Penn's movie Bonnie and Clyde was released.

And now the town of Gibsland brings that same gruesome ambush back to life (and death) every year at the world's only Bonnie and Clyde Festival. A group of actors from Denton, TX, a town whose local bank was robbed twice by the dynamic duo, show up annually to reenact the scene with blazing guns and lots of fake blood. The actors who play Bonnie and Clyde even drive the real Swiss-cheesed Ford used in the movie.

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