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From beer festivals in China to religious events in Venezuela, 2Camels breaks down by niche, thousands of festival and events from around the corner and around the globe. Select a festival type below and you're away!

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Christmas Island Red Crab Migration

Christmas Island Red Crab Migration

The Settlement | Christmas Island | Natural Phenomenon | October

While not a festival in the strictest sense of the word, if you're a red crab on Christmas Island come the start of the rainy...

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Whilst we pride ourselves on providing all manner of festivals and events from all four corners of the globe, it's the bizarre side of things that really floats our boat here at 2Camels.

I mean why rock up to your stock-standard, run-of-the-mill yachting regatta when you can party all day and all night at a beer can regatta? Why attend a mere food festival when you can attend a food-fight festival. And why attend a boring old horse race when you can watch cockroaches, frozen dead guys, plastic ducks, outhouses, bathtubs, kinetic sculptures, camels, cows or caravans take to the track?

2Camels features literally hundreds of bizarre festivals and events from Baby Jumping in Spain to Camel Wrestling in Turkey to Air Guitar in Finland to Bog Snorkelling in Wales.

I could go on...

So pop on your colourful pants, your spinning bow tie and dig out your best beer hat, get comfy, click on a listing below and prepare to enter a world of weird.

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