National Voodoo Day

in Ouidah, Benin

National Voodoo Day Date 2016: Sunday 10th January 2016

National Voodoo Day

Words by Paul Dodson

The Atlantic coast city of Ouidah in Benin plays host to the country's drum fuelled and colourful National Voodoo Day celebrations each January.

Followers gather at a beach known as the point of no return, where slaves once departed on ships bound for the Americas.

Attendees in colourful local dress dance, drum and pray as animals are sacrified in ceremonies which honour the spiritual forces of natural phenomena such as water, fire, earth and air.

The once-banned religion has a strong following in Benin with an estimated 65% of the population believing in Voodoo.

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National Voodoo Day Address

The Point of No Return. Check with local sources in Ouidah for exact times and details.
Ouidah, Benin

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