Strip Poker World Championships

in London, England

Strip Poker World Championships

When you imagine a game of strip poker, you picture it being played in the privacy of one's own home, amongst special friends. Friends that you share an almost intimate knowledge with - if not before the game, then definitely following it. Well, not anymore.

What began as an April Fool's Day lark by Irish bookmakers, Paddy Power in 2006 ended up setting a Guinness Book World Record for the largest strip poker tournament ever held.

Almost 200 contestants battled it out for the 10,000 in prize-money and 10,000 further to a charity of their choosing in the prestigious Cafe Royal in central London in the inaugural Strip Poker World Championships.

Each player began the match wearing five items of clothing, supplied by the organisers until only one was left standing - or partially dressed in this case. Towels were provided for modesty but there's only so much a towel can do.

Sadly, the event is no more.

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