Australia Day Cockroach Races

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Australia Day Cockroach Races

Words by Paul Dodson

Aussies are mad punters. Add beer and a little sunshine to any situation and they'll come up with something to bet on. Australia Day at Brisbane's Story Bridge Hotel provides the sun and the suds. Some genius added the common household cocky to the equation. The rest is history.

Welcome to the world of Cockroach Racing, aussie style. Leave your best threads at home for this one, all you'll need is a stubby holder, a pair of Blundstones and an iron constitution. And next time you spy a small black shadow dart from beneath the fridge to the pantry, don't squish him, collect him. He may be a thoroughbred and your ticket to riches down under.

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Australia Day Cockroach Races Date 2016

Tuesday 26th January 2016

Australia Day Cockroach Races Address

Story Bridge Hotel, 200 Main St, Kangaroo Point

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